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It is the mission of Elite Dance Company to enable students to explore their talents and creativity

within a framework of professional discipline and development. Elite offers a variety of dance disciplines to students of all ages 3 and up. Whether a competitive, or a recreational dancer,

all students receive the highest quality of dance training in a healthy, caring,

and supportive atmosphere. 

Our goal is to guide our students toward their own passion for dance and gymnastics and achieve their individual potential, while nurturing the student's creative expression. Elite offers a well-rounded dance and gymnastics program, practicing progressive training & strong technique in all genres of dance and gymnastics. Instructors at Elite are dedicated to teaching the art & skill of dance and gymnastics while promoting self-confidence and building self-esteem. It is the hope of Elite Dance Company that students will integrate the principals and skills 
of the art of dance and gymnastics into other aspects of their life, long after their dance and gymnastics training has ended.